Faith and Politics Through the Lens of the Gospel of Matthew

Navigating the interplay of faith and politics can often be a landmine in our current culture.

¬†With a not so stellar Christian history of religious institutions using secular power to enforce majority views, it is important for us to ask the question, “how do we continue to protect religious freedoms for those holding minority views in our present culture?”

This question begs the inquiry of how do we compassionately and appropriately interact with the world, not only as a citizen, but as friends, lovers, sisters and brothers? To what extend should I allow my religious beliefs direct my political actions? And how do we not get caught up in bi-partisan frenzies?

These are all important questions that every person looking to follow Jesus will at some point ask themselves. While we can’t promise to provide all the answers to these mammoth size questions, on this episode of Advent Next, we hope to start an interesting conversation.

Joining the program today is Dr. Cedric Vine professor of New Testament studies at Andrews University. Based on the focus of his dissertation–the gospel of Matthew–he shares with us the insights he has uncovered from His own rigorous studies of the text on how the disciples of Jesus interact with the political world around them.