019. David Asscherick: A Journey With Jesus

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David Asscherick on Advent Next Podcast

Every journey with Jesus is unique. 

But one thing is certain. Every sojourner’s travel contains both the transcendent moments of mountaintop clarity as well the valley’s “dark night of the soul.” So today, we have the privilege of getting to know someone who has experienced both. Joining us on this podcast episode of Advent Next is David Asscherick, a well-known speaker, preacher, pastor, author, avid rock climber, husband, and father.  

In recounting how he has changed over the years as a minister, pastor, and disciple of Jesus, he narrates his journey from hyper idealism to spiritual maturation in Christ. “I was incredibly idealistic..when I came into Christianity I didn’t leave all of that idealism at the door. I just brought it with me. Sometimes we have this idea that when you’re baptized you leave all that baggage, you leave all that behind and now you’re this new creature in Christ– that’s true. But that transition is incremental, its sequential, and we grow into who we are in Christ, our maturity in Christ.”

Celebrating Other People’s Success

I often wonder how various leaders relate to their peers and how their peers relate to them. In my own idealism, I imagine that in the field of ministry, those who have given up a life in the private sector to serve the body of Christ, would all be divested of the spirit of competition. However, experience and even the Bible provides counterexamples to this pollyanna world view.  So I asked David what his experience has been regarding professional jealousies. In response, he gave us an example of the kind of character we should strive to imitate.

“Barnabas is always networking in such a way that he’s creating opportunities for other people to succeed…Barnabas is someone who loves the success of others. There are people who have the gift of helping others to flourish, and Barnabas was that person. I want to be that person.”“We need to get to the point where we are so surrendered to Jesus and so unmindful of self and of ambition that we are absolutely thrilled when God is growing His kingdom through other people’s expertise and through their giftedness. I want to be thrilled if my ARISE students or if my colleagues or my associates go running by me because we have a world to reach. And at the end of the day, who cares who gets the credit. We’re all going to take our crowns off, and we’re going to put them at the feet of Jesus, and we’re going to say, ‘Worthy is the Lamb.’”

A Life of Gratitude

While marinating in his counsel to assume a posture of humility, we ended our talk discussing how Jesus goes about the daily task of wooing of his heart. How does Jesus cause him to fall back in love with Him day after day? The answer lied in keeping with a spirit of thankfulness.

“In Romans chapter 1 Paul goes through this incredible catalog of the Gentile sins…and then right in the middle of this catalog of these really egregious sins, He says, ‘neither were they thankful.’ Paul was very happy to itemize unthankfulness with idolatry and sexual perversity. So for me I want to live an incredibly thankful life.” 

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