036. Can I Trust the Bible? Canonicity of Scripture (Dr. John C. Peckham)

Welcome back to Advent Next a theological podcast curated for curious faith discussions. This week our guest is once again Dr. John Peckham, professor of systematic theology at Andrews University. If you haven’t checked out our last podcast with him, please do so it’s a fantastic discussion on his book Theodicy of Love where we talk about one of the biggest philosophical issues facing us as Christians, which is how do we understand the problem of evil in world if we do indeed serve a good and just God. Today, however, we’re tackling another difficult topic, which is “can we trust the bible?” More specifically, and here comes a new word for many of us, the “canonicity of scripture,” or in other words “who wrote the Bible and can I trust that what is written is true, valid and authoritative? Why should I trust it?” Some parts of our discussion might require you to pause, digest or relisten, but we promise it is soooo worth it! Before we get started, we want to thank the Adventist Learning Community for making this program possible. If you’re not already following us on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, be sure to find us at the handle @adventnext. My Cohost today is Michelle Odinma. You can find her at the handle @michelleodinmamusic. I’m your host Kendra Arsenault and this is Advent Next.


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