63. Biblical Forgiveness in Cases of Trauma (Dr. Steve Tracy)

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Welcome back to Advent Next a theological podcast curated for curious faith discussion. Last week we released our first documentary style podcast on the journey of making a film called #ChurchToo. This week, I wanted to encourage you all to watch this Film! It is available on the End It Now North America Facebook page and is the culmination to last week’s podcast. So please check it out, I will leave the link the description. Once again it is a brand new podcast that’ll be an incredible resource for you and your church at End It Now North America facebook page. 

This week I wanted to share with you all a short interview with one of the guest speakers, Dr. Steve Tracy on the theology surrounding domestic violence, the question of forgiveness, and the strive towards better pastoral care for victims. So what is forgiveness? Dr. Tracy, the author of the book Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse, shares some insights on how we don’t always get Biblical forgiveness right. Dr. Tracy and His wife Celestia Tracy both work to provide resources to ministries and churches to help them find healing in Christ. You can find out more about their ministry and resources at mendingthesoul.org


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