088. LGBTQ Adventists & The Bible PT. II (Alicia Johnston)

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Welcome back to Advent Next, a theological podcast curated for curious faith discussions. This week is part 2 of our conversation with Pastor Alicia Johnston regarding the Bible and LGBTQ Adventists. Her book, “The Bible and LGBTQ Adventists” is currently available only through the kickstarter campaign which is ending very shortly so you want to be sure to get your copy of her book before it ends. You can find the link in the description.


I just want to start off saying thank you to everyone who has been writing in and sharing their feedback to the episode. Just to be clear, this is not an exhaustive theology. There are tons of books regarding queer theology, some of which we will list at the end of the episode as a starting point. This is simply getting the conversation started, which I see it has already done effectively. So thank you, please keep staying engaged, informed and part of the conversation. 


This week, we start off the episode discussing the historicity of how the church has dealt with LGBTQ members and the gay therapy approach. Is queerness something to overcome? What has been the success of that approach and is this a holistic model of evangelism? We end our conversation discussing Romans 1. 


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