059. #MeToo and the Church (Dr. Steve Tracy)

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Welcome back to Advent Next a theological podcast curated for curious faith discussion. It is the month of October so the theme of the next few broadcasts will be on Domestic violence, sexual assault, and the role of the church. Our beliefs and our theology DOES make a difference when it comes to a person staying silent about their abuse, or speaking up and taking steps to move towards safety. Just to give you all a few statistics, to help place these conversations in context, 1 in 3  women who are victims of homicide, that’s one third of all women who are murdered are killed by their intimate partners. The number of American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2012 was 6,488. The number of American women who were murdered by current or ex male partners during that time was 11,766. That’s nearly double the amount of casualties lost during war. 1 in 5 women will be victims of sexual assault in their lifetime and half a million are victims of sexual assault in the U.S. every year. 

So in honor of October as the month of domestic violence awareness month, I brought in Dr. Steve Tracy professor of Ethics at Phoenix Seminary to discuss a Biblical point of view on sexual and domestic violence, and the Church’s role in helping the healing journey of a survivor. 

Dr. Tracy is the author of the book Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse. He has spent over 15 years ministering in the Congo, which (according to the CDC) is rape capital of the world.  Dr. Tracy and His wife Celestia Tracy both work to provide resources to ministries and churches to help them find healing in Christ. You can find out more about their ministry and resources at mendingthesoul.org

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