046. Thoughts On Racial Unity in the Adventist Church (Ingram London)

Welcome back to Advent Next a theological podcast curated for curious faith discussions. This week we are looking into a little bit of history within our church regarding segregation, and the structural divisions within the church that took place because of racism. We also explore the contemporary conversations surrounding what it would like to unify conferences whose initial schism took place as a result of racism. Would this indeed be beneficial or would it endanger the progress of Black communities in exchange for an idealistic utopia that may not exist this side of Eden? We also discuss the idea of corporate repentance and what that would entail. This week my guest is Ingram London a Ph.D. student at Andrews University studying the sanctuary and Black theology. We will have some book recommendations available for you at the end of this episode so stay tuned. If you’re not already following us on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, be sure to find us at the handle @adventnext. I’m your host Kendra Arsenault and this is Advent Next.


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