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Trail blazing and New Horizons

Female Pastors in the Early Church?

On our first podcast of the season we had the opportunity to speak with church historian Dr. John Reeve regarding the role of women in the early church. 

He is the editor for the book Women and Ordination , which contains some rather fascinating as well as controversial findings about the participation of women in church leadership in the first century.

How a little hope became big dreams.

Advent Next is a collective of creative professionals who are inspired to bring you the best content in the industry.

Living on a prayer and dream in the small town of Berrien Springs, Michigan our team envisioned a world where every person can have access to some of the world’s finest scholars and leaders, hearing their thoughts on the current issues of today.

From a distant dream to present reality our team of videographers, audio engineers and dreamers have conspired together to bring you intelligent content from the world of academia.

"In an Age of Skepticism,
Intelligent Sources of Credible Information is Fundamental for Growing Faith. "